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THE END @ FDA REKOTZ - vom 28.04.2016, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 FDA REKOTZ hat die aus Florida stammende Death Metal Band THE END unter Vertrag genommen, bestehend aus Rick Rozz DeLillo (ex-DEATH, ex-MASSACRE), Mike Mazzonetto (ex-MASSACRE) und Michael Grim (also DEATH BEFORE DYING).

Rick dazu:
„I would like to thank you Rico (FDA) for having faith in The End, and giving us the chance to get our music out to the masses, and also to Mike and Michael for both your talents, and great friendships, salud... to making great metal music together, we have a supreme team, much love and respect, Until THE END...“

Michael Grim (Vocals/Bass)
Mike Mazzonetto (Drums)
Rick Rozz DeLillo (Guitar)

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