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MY DYING BRIDE 'THE THRASH OF NAKED LIMBS' wird neu aufgelegt - vom 06.05.2016, 15:07
Kategorie: Musik


My Dying Bride's EP erschien erstmals im Jahre 1993. Jetzt erfolgt via Peaceville eine Wiederveröffentlichung auf 180g heavyweight Vinyl. Erscheinen soll das gute Stück am 17.Juni 2016.

"The Thrash of Naked Limbs" came amidst an intensely creative period for the band in their formative years. The EP arrived swiftly on the back of their debut album, 'As the Flower Withers', and helped solidify My Dying Bride's reputation as firm upcoming leaders of the UK gothic doom/death metal scene alongside countrymen Paradise Lost. With the ongoing use of violin to assist with the unique atmosphere created by My Dying Bride, the title track itself is a creeping doom epic of haunting beauty and savagery in equal measure – a revered motif of the band. The EP also contains the additional songs, 'Le Cerf Malade' and 'Gather Me Up Forever'.
This new edition of The Thrash Of Naked Limbs features the original cover artwork created by MDB singer Aaron Stainthorpe.


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