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BAPTISM streamen ersten Song - vom 01.06.2016, 07:01
Kategorie: Musik
 BAPTISM haben einen ersten Song aus ihrem kommenden Album 'V: The Devil's Fire' als Stream bereitgestellt, das schon vorbestellbare Album soll am 22.Juli bei Seasons of Mist erscheinen.
Der Vorabsong "The Sacrament Of Blood And Ash" enthält Gastgesang von Mikko Kotamäki (SWALLOW THE SUN).

"The Sacrament Of Blood And Ash"

Frontman Lord S. kommentiert "The Sacrament Of Blood And Ash": "Simply put, in order to rise above we must overcome our lesser and mundane self. If we succeed in this act, time and time again, the blood of this offering will water the roots of the tree which is known as our spiritual development. The lyrics for this song were written based on my ideas by Gorath Moonthorn. Three more long-time friends are featured on this album as well and we are joined for this first preview by our brother Mikko Kotamäki from SWALLOW THE SUN, whose voice fits the chorus perfectly."

Noch mehr Details zum Album findet ihr hier: Seasons of Mist - Baptism

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