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DEFILED streamen "Conspiracy" - vom 02.06.2016, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 Die japanischen Death Metaller DEFILED veröffentlichen mit "Conspiracy" einen zweiten Song aus ihrem kommenden Album 'Towards Inevitable Ruin', selbiges erscheint am 8.Juli. Hier vorbestellbar

Defiled: 'Conspiracy'-Songpremiere

Mastermind Yusuke Sumita dazu: "The time has come to offer you another track from our upcoming album 'Towards Inevitable Ruin'. We are well aware that this production deviates quite a bit from the current standard, because it has a lot of vibration, but hopefully many of you guys enjoy our effort to achieve an 'organic sound'. We have worked hard on it and we are very proud of having a natural rich tone... no regrets!"

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