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TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE streamen komplettes Album - vom 03.08.2016, 07:02
Kategorie: Musik
 Die Death MetallerTemple Nightside streamen ihr komplettes neues Album The Hecatomb, welches über Bonehead Productions am 5.August veröffentlicht wird. Das komplette Album gibt es HIER im Stream.

"A slow descent into Hell" is an oft-misused/abused appellation for sepulchral death metal, but it truly is done justice here. Abyssal sound devoted to and driven by death worship: Temple Nightside's The Hecatomb shall stand as a new golden pillar of fathomless morbidity.

Tracklisting for Temple Nightside's The Hecatomb
1. Graven
2. Adrift in Sepulchral Entropy
3. Ossuary (Commune 3.1)
4. Fortress of Burden and Distress
5. The Murderous Victor (Commune 3.2)
6. Within the Arms of Nothingness
7. Tempest
8. Burial Adoration (Commune 3.3)
9. Charnel Winds

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