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EVERGREY: "Distance" Videoclip veröffentlicht - vom 04.08.2016, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 Die schwedischen Metaller von EVERGREY geben in Form des Videoclips zu "Distance" einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf das am 09. September erscheinende neue Album "The Storm Within":

Das sagt die Band: “Distance” is the first of a series of videos we have shot for “The Storm Within” album. Working very closely with Patric Ullaeus and rEvolver Film Company our aim was to recreate the eerie and desolate sense we had while writing the songs for this – the 10th Evergrey album - One could say this is our first real attempt at inviting everyone into the cinematic world where we have been in mind and thought throughout this year while writing. We think the imagery speaks for itself. This is just the beginning. The storm is coming."

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