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HAMMERFALL - Details zu Album Nr. 10: Built To Last - vom 12.08.2016, 15:00
Kategorie: Musik
built%20to%20lastDie schwedischen Metal-Urgesteine von HammerFall werden am 4. November via Napalm Records ihr 10. Studioalbum veröffentlichen. Dazu wurden nun erste Details bekannt gegeben, unter anderem das Artwork und die Tracklist. Gitarrist Oscar Dronjak sagt dazu:

» Built To Last is our 10th studio album in 19 years, incredibly enough, but I think we sound more alive and vibrant than ever before! We have worked our asses off to make sure this album is a worthy successor to (r)Evolution, and I have no doubt in my mind that we have created one of the strongest records we have ever done. I am immensely proud and excited about this album, and I am confident all our Templars of Steel will agree once they hear it in November.«


1) Bring It!
2) Hammer High
3) The Sacred Vow
4) Dethrone And Defy
5) Twighlight Princess
6) Stormbreaker
7) Built To Last
8) The Star Of Home
9) New Breed
10) Second To None

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