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INCARCERATION zeigen Lyricvideo zu „Evoking The Possession“ - vom 24.08.2016, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 Als Startschuss zum Vorverkauf des neuen INCARCERATION Album`s 'Catharsis' gibt es noch ein Lyricvideo zu 'Evoking The Possession' !

Hit the link, enjoy the video:

Lyric Video by Felipe Lameira

„Catharsis“ will be released October 28th. 2016 on CD/LP and Download by FDA Rekotz/ Soulfood Music.

….and be ready to purchase „Catharsis“ from Wednesday high noon !


Track listing:
I - The Beckoning
II - Evoking the Possession
III - Devouring Darkness
IV - Infernal Suffering
V - Chaos and Blasphemy
VI - Purification
VII - Obsessed by Death
VIII - Neverending Agony
IX - Resignation
X - Into the Blackest Void

Incarceration online:

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