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THREAT SIGNAL: Europatour mit VADER und neuem Livebassist (Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory)) - vom 28.08.2016, 07:01
Kategorie: Musik
 THREAT SIGNAL gehen mit Vader und Hate Eternal auf Europatour, starten wird das ganze im November.

Bei der kommenden Tour wird auch ein neuer Mann am Bass vorgestellt: Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory) ersetzt Pat Kavanagh, allerdings nur auf der Bühne. Pat wird abseits der Livebretter seine Arbeit bei der Band fortsetzen.

THREAT SIGNAL: "We would like to officially welcome Christian Olde Wolbers (ex Fear Factory) into Threat Signal as our new bass player! Christian has been involved with us since the very beginning, having produced and recorded our debut album Under Reprisal. He recently preformed live with us during a short string of local dates, and we had a blast!”

Statement zur Tour von der Band: "You can catch us this November touring Europe alongside Vader and Hate Eternal. We are very excited to bring our live show across the pond again! Especially playing with bands of this caliber. Can’t wait!”

"Rise Of The Empire: Europe 2016 Tour"

Vader + Hate Eternal + Threat Signal

Dates (more TBA):

04.11.2016 - GER - Bad Oeynhausen at Druckerei

05.11.2016 - GER - Andernach at Juz-Libe-Club

06.11.2016 - GER - Arlon at L’Entrepot

09.11.2016 - CH - Zurich at Dynamo

11.11.2016 - ITA - Brescia at Circolo Colony

13.11.2016 - NL - Rotterdam at Baroeg

14.11.2016 - UK - London at The Dome

19.11.2016 - GER - Essen at Turock

20.11.2016 - GER - Leipzig at Täubchenthal

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