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VANHELGA streamen "Ode & Elegy" komplett - vom 06.10.2016, 07:01
Kategorie: Musik
 VANHELGA's viertes Album "Ode & Elegy" ist am 01.Oktober bei Talheim Records erschienen, via No Clean Singing gibts hier auch den kompletten Albumstream:

01. Utan Mening
02. Det Som Aldrig Fans
03. Förstörd
04. Du Finns Dȃr För Mig
05. Jag Återkommer
06. Abstinensens Dystra Tongång
07. Dödförklarad - Ånstad
08. Disharmoni
09. Status - Handlinsförlamad
10. Harmonisk Reflektion
11. Introspektion

Die Band zum Album: "Ode" or "Old Diary Entries" is about the deteriorating mental state of a young woman, slipping further and further into depression and darkness. Her recorded voice is intertwined with the music.

"Elegy" is the continuation. It's about looking back and reflecting on those dark situations in life: the hopelessness, drugs, abuse, depression and death. In summary, to understand and accept that life is without meaning".

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