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THE GREAT OLD ONES streamen weiteren Track - vom 24.12.2016, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 THE GREAT OLD ONES streamen einen weiteren Song aus ihrem kommenden Album 'EOD - A Tale Of Dark Legacy' welches am 27.01.2017 erscheinen wird.
"When The Stars Align" gibt hier im Stream von "When The Stars Align" von THE GREAT OLD ONES

THE GREAT OLD ONES kommentieren: "Welcome to our final track premiere. You will hear 'When the Stars Align', which is meant as an ode to H. P. Lovecraft's most fearsome entities, the Great Old Ones. In the course of our story, the protagonist realizes that the existence of the human race is vain. We are inexorably heading towards the return of the eldritch masters of the universe.

The Great Old Ones will rise
The passing of time in their eyes
Crushing in pain
The men resisting in vain"

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