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THE OMINOUS CIRCLE veröffentlichen neuen Track auf - vom 14.01.2017, 07:05
Kategorie: Musik
 Die Portugiesen THE OMINOUS CIRCLE veröffentlichen den neuen Song "As The Worm Descends" auf der Webseite von Der Song stammt vom kommenden Album Appalling Ascension, das Abum wird am 27.Januar über Osmose Productions veröffentlicht.

THE OMINOUS CIRCLE's "As The Worm Descends" könnt ihr euch HIER anhören.

The newly unveiled "As The Worm Descends" comes writhing into the public through an exclusive premiere at Metal Injection. Issues the respected portal of the tune, "Darkness slowly descends over the opening moments as instruments grow into the mix. Harsh bellows emerge roughly 90 seconds in, spitting venom over bombing snares, kicks, and crashes. Curling riffs roar and dance, eventually engulfing the finale of the track in a fiery blaze. The Ominous Circle heeds wisdom from the likes of Incantation and disEMBOWELMENT in crafting songs like 'As The Worm Descends' and much of what else appears on Appalling Ascension."

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