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Obsidian Kingdom streamen "THE POLYARNIK" Liveclip - vom 28.01.2017, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 Obsidian Kingdom haben einen Liveclip zu "The Polyarnik" online gestellt. Aufgenommen wurde das Video in Danzig im Rahmen der Europatour mit Intronaut und Shining.

As the echoes of A YEAR WITH NO SUMMER start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. The Polyarnik was recorded live in Gdańsk last 9/11 before the watchful gaze of a mesmerized crowd, during our European tour with Intronaut and Shining.
Thank you so much for walking with us through this surly year. It has been a rough journey but also a wonderful and transformative experience, and now it’s time for us to move onto new territories. Again.

Obsidian Kingdom - The Polyarnik (live)

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