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NORDJEVEL veröffentlichen neue EP - vom 08.02.2017, 15:42
Kategorie: Musik
 Als Nachfolger zu ihrem selbstbetitelten Debütalbum veröffentlichen NORDJEVEL am 20.02.2017 die 7" EP "Krigsmakt" via Osmose Productions.

Die drei Songs enthaltende EP ist auf 500 Stück limitiert, die B-Seite ist dabei mit Siebdruck bedruckt.

Tracklist "Krigsmakt":
2.For De Falne...
3.Into Ever Deeper Depths


Die Band hat ihr LineUp auch noch um einen weiteren Gitarristen erweitert, Morten "Noralf" Kleftaas war bisher nur als Live/Session Gitarrist in Erscheinung getreten und ist nun ein vollwertiges Bandmitglied.

NORDJEVEL haben ihre Booking und Management Angelegenheiten in die Hände der Flaming Arts Agency gelegt, die Band kommentiert das folgendermassen:
"We have to admit that the success of the debut album caught us a little by surprise. We knew we had something special, but the response from the fans and critics was overwhelming, and resulted in a lot of interest in us playing live. We had to totally rethink everything very quickly, and came up with what we consider to be a perfect solution - and that was teaming up with Flaming Arts. Patricia Thomas, who has been Doedsadmiral's personal manager for longer than either of them care to remember, and who works with all his projects, will continue handling all of NORDJEVEL's PR. She and Flaming Arts have frequently worked together over the years and know how each other functions, which is a big plus for everyone concerned as there is no learning process. So now we have a great band and a great team, and we can look forward to the future, which will include more live appearances world-wide".

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