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VI streamen Song von der neuen EP - vom 01.03.2017, 17:21
Kategorie: Musik
 Das französische Black Metal Kollektiv VI, bestehend aus aktiven und ehemaligen Mitgliedern von Aosoth und Antaeus, streamen einen ersten Song aus der neu aufgelegten EP "De Praestigiis Daemonum".
Die EP erscheint am 31.03.2017 bei Agonia Records, für das remastern war M.(Mgła) in den No Solace Studio verantwortlich. Das neue Coverartwork stammt von Adrian Baxter. Hört euch hier den Albumopener "Et maintenant je lui appartiens ainsi ma chair mon sang et mes actes lui sont dédiés" an:

INVRI kommentiert den Re-release:

"This first offering always meant a lot to us. This is where it all started. We keep listening to it wondering how we managed to release such a beast. 10 years later, we still dont get it. All went so fast, from the composing to the unexpected acclamation. It took years to compose something else, it was so intense and natural that we feared we could never do better. Re-releasing this EP is the opportunity for all of you to put your hands on it, and it was a good opportunity for us to refresh that old demon we cherish so much".
Working with Adrian Baxter, Kontamination Design and No Solace was such an experience. One more time with this release, everything went fast. All this worldwide team managed to provide a brand new face in only few days and we feel honored to see how much efforts have been put into this release while, few years ago, only a bunch of maniacs believed in us.
We would like to thanks the Agonia team, for being a part of those. This release will now never die and will rise, and will shine upon us for the next decade and more to come.
Ceux qui moururent dans la douleur ne se relèveront pas dans la joie".

I) Et maintenant je lui appartiens ainsi ma chair mon sang et mes actes lui sont dédiés.
II) Je me dresse devant le trône et j'attends mon jugement en crachant sur le livre de vie.
III) Si le sommeil de ma raison se fait trop lourd, je deviendrai le monstre qu'il aura tenté d'engendrer.
IV) Il n'y a pas de repos, ni le jour ni la nuit, pour ceux qui ont adoré la bête et son image et pour quiconque a reçu la marque de son nom.

Available formats:
- Gatefold black LP.
- Gatefold gold LP.
- Digital.

Pre-orders are available at:

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