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KLABAUTAMANN: Video-Premiere zu „Into Depression“ auf und Invisible Oranges - vom 03.04.2017, 06:55
Kategorie: Musik
 Im Juni werden die Bonner Progressive Black Metaller KLABAUTAMANN ihr neues Album "Smaragd" veröffentlichen. Als ersten hör- und sehbaren Vorgeschmack gibt es jetzt ein Video zum Song "Into Depression". Der außergewöhnliche Clip wurde von COSTIN CHIOREANU erstellt, der bereits das Artwork zu "Smaragd" gestaltet hat.

Der Clip feiert heute exklusiv seine Premiere bei und Invisible Oranges:

Invsible Oranges:

Hier findet ihr außerdem noch Kommentare von der Band und Costin zu diesem außergewöhnlichen Video:

This is one of the few tracks I did the main songwriting for on this record. I actually used the drum-tracks from "Mensch aus Gold" by Ekpyrosis instead of programming demo drums or using a klick track while composing, which was quite enjoyable and inspiring. The Telecaster being my most favourite guitar for years now explains the high amount of clean parts. I never planned for clean vocals though, this is something Tim came up with, and for me it's the icing on the cake! And - of course - the incredible video...
- Florian Toyka, Guitars

Into Depression might not look that depressive at the first sight, but it is the story of a character who is revisiting all his memories, reaching the present at the end, when he is nothing but a ghost in a dead city. Regarding the visuals, the video was made using lots of handmade paintings and drawings and was my personal input to have everything so minimalist-looking. I had enough of blank figurative mask covering everything around me. In plus, I think it fits very well the introspective character of this song.
- Costin Chioreanu, Video

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