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Sverker Widgren verlässt DEMONICAL - vom 06.04.2017, 16:28
Kategorie: Musik
 In einem offiziellen Post auf der Seite seiner Wing Studios verkündet Demonical Sänger Sverker Widgren den Austieg aus der Band. Lest hier das Statement:
» In an attempt to avoid speculation, I'd like to inform anyone interested that the concert we did with Demonical last month was my last appearance with the band. I spent 9 years singing in this band and we did three albums, some EP's s and a few hundered shows during this period and I learned to know many great persons.
Some will wonder why I won't take part anymore, so out of respect to the people that follow the band I'll (try to) give a short explanation.
When I joined the band in 2008 after the debut album, I was running my studio together with another person, meaning that I basically worked 20 days, had 20 days off, worked 20 days etc. This obviously meant that I had plenty of time to spend outside the studio.
Some years ago I got myself a bigger facility, Wing Studios, and started to operate it myself, meaning that I personally handle basically all recording, mixing, mastering etc that is done here. This obviously meant spending more time in the studio since it is usually fully booked. In addition to this, my original band DIABOLICAL also started to get more recognition, more shows etc which also gradually started to consume more time.
Everybody who knows me or have ever worked with me knows that the work I do with the productions at Wing Studios is my top priority overall, and in combination with the increasing activities with Diabolical, I simply havent been able to put enough effort into Demonical during the last two or three years.
When we now look at 2017 and I go through my recording schedule in the studio and realize that the recording and touring plans that we have with Diabolical for 2017 and 2018 are the most extended plans that we have ever had since the band was formed 21 years ago, it would simply not do anyone any favours if I would take part in the process of making another album with Demonical now. This is something that was clear to both me and the guys in the band after some conversations we had a couple of months back.
I didn't "jump the ship" though! I actually planned to do the concerts in Finland this month and I was originally expecting the gigs in July to be my last trip with the boys, but since they already have a guy to replace me and he will be ready for those shows, it was decided that we should make this change already now. Since we also had offers to tour both Japan and Eastern Europe in July with Diabolical, I think we all feel that the time to make this change is now rather than later.
I probably shouldn't announce his name, but the new vocalist is also a good friend of mine and is in my opinion an awesome person with a great voice, so no worries there. Demonical have had 15 different permanent or session members over the last years but the sound has stayed pretty much the same and I know that it will remain the same in the future too.
I would have loved to list all the people I learned to know during our chaotic trips but I promised to keep this message short which has already failed badly. And besides, my journey around the globe obviously continues, just not with Demonical. But in short: thanks to all the above mentioned past and present guys in the band for all the great memories, and thanks to everyone who supported Demonical through these years and will continue to support the band in the future. I look forward to see you people around again soon!

No compromise!

PS. ...and after nearly a decade, we can FINALLY put an end to the Diabolical/Demonical band name confusion, ok? It wasn't my fault in the first place, ha! DS. «


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