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Neuer Vallenfyre Song Online - vom 19.05.2017, 07:02
Kategorie: Musik
 Vallenfyre haben einen neuen Song “An Apathetic Grave” vom kommenden Album Fear Those Who Fear Him Online gestellt. Das dritte Album der Englischen Death/Doomer Vallenfyre is a crushing, dark slab of death/doom.

Das neue Lyric Video zum Song könnt ihr euch auf der Seite des Decibelmagazine anhören, checkt HIER den neuen Song!

“As a second taster of our new album Fear Those Who Fear Him, we would like to present you with the song ‘An Apathetic Grave,’" guitarist/vocalist Gregor Mackintosh tells Decibel. “By total contrast to the previously released track ‘Kill All Your Masters,’ this one is an extremely miserable, crushing doom song about a man reaching the end of his life and reflecting on the futility of it all.”

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