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KING präsentieren neues Musikvideo - vom 27.08.2017, 09:10
Kategorie: Musik
Die Band KING haben das Musikvideo zum Song "One World One King" von ihrem 2016er Debut "Reclaim The Darkness" veröffentlicht.

Die Australier sagen dazu Folgendes:
king»"One World One King' is a change of pace, slow and powerful and a great closer for the album. We felt it deserved to be highlighted with an epic music video. It also coincides with the one year anniversary of KING's debut which is an important milestone for us.
This was shot on the southern coast of Australia on the southernmost tip of a long peninsular, in wild weather, stormy seas, set against black basalt rock cliffs and ferocious rain, enjoy it!" - KING«

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