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RAGNAROK geben "neues" Bandmitglied bekannt - vom 02.09.2017, 07:01
Kategorie: Musik
 Nachdem er in letzter Zeit als Sessionbassist für die Norweger aktiv war wurde Rammr (JORDSKIPSTYRANN und ELVARHØI) jetzt zum festen Bandmitglied "befördert".

"Originally it was our intention to use a session bassist going forward," kommentiert Jontho Panthera diesen Schritt. "However, during the shows he did with us, Rammr's dedication to his craft, and to RAGNAROK itself, became very evident to everyone. He fits in perfectly with the rest of the band, which includes Bolverk on guitars and drummer Daniel Minge (DAUDEN), not only on stage, but also on a personal level."
"Most importantly he understands our ideology, and what RAGNAROK expects of its members, and after yet another incredible performance from him at Kaltenbach Open Air recently I thought it was right to make him a full member of the horde!"

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