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WHEELFALL zeigen neues Video - vom 20.09.2017, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 Wheelfall haben einen neuen Song veröffentlicht, "Violence is Seduction" erscheint in Form eines Musikvideos von Fabien W. Furter!
Der Song stammt vom demnächst erscheinenden Album "The Atrocity Reports".

"Hi !
We are very happy to finally reveal this new song, "Violence is Seduction", via a music video directed by Fabien W. Furter! This is probably one of our most beautiful clips, and one of the most enjoyable songs to play and share live. And it feels good to have a song with such fucking good choruses!

The Atrocity Reports is available for pre-orders now in CD, and for the first time in WHEELFALL history, in VINYL ! There's also an exclusive t-shirt, as a nod to the Zodiac serial killer... with the name of our next music video hidden in it.. Get yours at http://apathia.link/wheelfall
Please let us know what you think about all of that, by leaving comments on youtube, facebook, and sharing this to your friends !
Thank you a lot ! Whithout you we're nothing !

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