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NEKROHOWL: No Clean Singing streamt neuen Song - vom 23.09.2017, 07:00
Kategorie: Musik
 NEKROHOWL kommen aus Bangladesch und bestehen aus Mitgliedern von Abominable Carnivore, Dissector, Enmachined und Homicide, ihre kommende EP "Epitome of Morbid" ist ein brandheisser Tip für alle die ihren Death Metal verrottet und faulig mögen.

No Clean Singing streamt exklusiv den zweiten Track der EP, "Blasphemy Still Unnamed":

“This song has a lot going for it. For most of its duration, it flies like a bat out of hell. Its sheer speed and ferocity give the band a chance to display impressive technical skills as well as extreme viciousness, not only in the accelerated savagery of the frenzied riffs but also in the barrage of merciless drum battering. The roaring vocals are convincingly monstrous as well.” — No Clean Singing

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