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CRESCENT zeigen ersten Track aus "The Order of Amenti" - vom 20.12.2017, 09:50
Kategorie: Musik
 Die ägyptischen Death Metaller CRESCENT haben einen ersten Song aus ihrem kommenden Album "The Order of Amenti" online gestellt.

“Beyond the Path of Amenti” kann auf der Seite von MetalSucks angetestet werden:

Die Band kommentiert: “The heart and soul of The Order of Amenti album resides in the “Beyond the Path of Amenti” track. It represents the key features of the whole album in what it holds of melodies, hooks and aggression. The track unfolds the visions of the afterlife and the grandeur of the Egyptian afterlife mythology encompassed in the divinity and might of the great Anubis. The Hieroglyphs on the walls illustrate the path of death and resurrection, for nothing is as certain as the inevitable justice. We take pride in using, for the first time in metal history, full sentences and verses in real spoken hieroglyphs representing Anubis’ speech! “Beyond the Path of Amenti” is the first part of a trilogy that wholly forms a lyrical epic and musical journey.”

"The Order of Amenti" erscheint am 09.02.2108 bei Listenable Records.

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