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RUST unterzeichnen bei DUSKTONE - vom 06.01.2018, 09:19
Kategorie: Musik
 Dusktone verkünden voller Stolz das sie die Apocalyptic Death/Black Metal Band RUST unter Vertrag genommen haben. Die italienische Truppe besteht aus Mitgliedern von Enisum, In Corpore Mortis, Phenris und Grave-T.
Das Debütalbum "Urstoff" soll Anfang 2018 erscheinen.

"A magical, evocative and enchanting work, as well as tragic, apocalyptic, cruel, painful, fatal, nefarious, violent and deadly ... A unique and disenchanted vision of extreme music. A dazzling journey, almost blinding and inadmissible, leading to the discovery of a majestic and impressive record, whose roots are inspired by the first OPETH, SHINING and a post-KATATONIA taste. However, this record has an ultra-personal vision, open and unique that makes RUST's universe an unmatched experience."

More details concerning RUST album release will be revealed soon, stay tuned !!!

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