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CHAOSTAR zeigen erste Single aus 'The Undivided Light' - vom 01.02.2018, 08:00
Kategorie: Musik
 CHAOSTAR haben eine erste Single aus dem kommenden Album 'The Undivided Light' veröffentlicht. Die griechischen Avantgarde Metaller werden ihr neues Werk am 23.03.2018 herausbringen.
"Stones and Dust" kann man beim Youtubekanal von Season of Mist antesten.

CHAOSTAR Sänger Androniki kommentiert: "Dear all, it is with great pleasure to announce that we are launching the first song “Stones and Dust” from our forthcoming album, 'The Undivided Light'. Every blessed virtue in this world multiplies and growths when being shared and not constrained. Like wisdom, knowledge, and patience, the flame of light itself can brighten a room, but when being divided and shared can illuminate the entire world's human intellect. This has been the motivational thinking that flared-up the creation of the new CHAOSTAR album. Our existence consists of dust formed into concrete shapes of hard stones, awaiting to degrade back into the light-weight form of dust and finally to the liberated state of time, light, and space."

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