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GLORIOR BELLI zeigen erste Single aus 'The Apostates' - vom 09.02.2018, 10:10
Kategorie: Musik
 GLORIOR BELLI geben eine erste Vorschau auf das neue Album 'The Apostates' das am 06.04.2018 erscheint. Die französischen Black Metal Veteranen streamen "Deserters of Eden" beim Metal Hammer:

GLORIOR BELLI kommentieren: "Much has happened over the course of our 15 years of existence. Deals have been sealed and broken, notoriety built and destroyed, comradeships fixed and voided. It is a treacherous path, the one that we have chosen. 'Deserters of Eden' is a song that perfectly illustrates the progression in Glorior Belli's crusade, but not only that. This track also sparks the very first act in the denying of one's faith, a most serious crime, such as an apostate would. This song is dedicated to all of you, who walk a similar path, struggling against bigotry and abuse of all kinds!"

Sui Generis
Deserters of Eden
The Apostates
Bedlam Bedamned
Hangin' Crepe
Jerkwater Redemption
Split Tongues Won't Atone
Runaway Charley
Rebel Reveries

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