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AUTOKRATOR streamen erste Single aus "Hammer Of The Heretics" - vom 11.02.2018, 09:00
Kategorie: Musik
 Die französischen Death Metaller AUTOKRATOR veröffentlichen ihr neues Album "Hammer Of The Heretics" am 10.04.2018 via Krucyator Productions. Der neue Autokrator Schlagzeuger auf diesem Album ist Kevin Paradis (Benighted, Aggressor, Mithridatic, ex – Svart Crown).

"Against Flesh and Blood" kann jetzt schon exklusiv bei NO CLEAN SINGING angetestet werden:

"The music proves to be an eye-opening way to begin the album — an immense roaring storm of mind-enveloping sound composed of dense, suffocating gales of riffing and massive, heaving, low-end vibrations, through which the crack of Paradis‘ snare work sounds like high-caliber weaponry. David Bailey’s heartless roars add to the atmosphere of hopelessness and horror." — I.S. Lander (Editor of No Clean Singing)

L.F. (the mastermind, guitar/bass) comments: "AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD is about Knights Templar and Christians Duties in The Holy War. Lyrics are based on Bible Ephesians 6:12."

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