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CORPSEHAMMER: Neuer Song via Indy Metal Vault; "Perversión" Ep erscheint bei Morbid Skull Records - vom 24.03.2018, 08:00
Kategorie: Musik
 CORPSEHAMMER aus dem schwedischen Dalarna huldigen dem primitiven Black/Death Metal, der dritte Teil ihrer EP Triologie erscheint demnächst bei Morbid Skull Records.

INDY METAL VAULT streamt jetzt den Titel "Sexo & Muerte" aus der neuen EP:

" ..... the song is barely two-and-a-half minutes of breakneck riffing and fervently shouted vocals that acts as the perfect appetizer for the rest of the EP." — Clayton T. Michaels, INDY METAL VAULT.

Die Band dazu: ""Sexo & Muerte" is a short and relentless song that pays tribute to the old days of the scene.
On the "Perversión" EP we have an even more old-school approach than the previous two EPs, but it's all still in the Corpsehammer way."

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