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Swedeath-Metaller LIK zeigen zweiten Track aus "Carnage" - vom 05.04.2018, 19:20
Kategorie: Musik
likMit "Dr Duschanka" geben uns LIK einen zweiten Einblick in das kommende Werk namens "Carnage". Das erscheint am 04.05.2018 bei Metal Blade Records.

» It's now time to open that rotten and stinkin' casket number 2. What lies lurking inside Is nothing less than "Dr Duschanka". She's now unleashed to the world and we're proud to have this as our second single for "Carnage", released May 4th on Metal Blade Records!
Video is shot, produced and edited by Mathias Blom for The Happy Creative.
Also huge thanks to Mattias Skarpsvärd!
Only death is real!>
/ LIK «

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