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FORGOTTEN TOMB - "Vol. 5" wird als Vinyl neu aufgelegt - vom 24.07.2013, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 FORGOTTEN TOMB werden "Vol. 5" neu auflegen, allerdings das erste Mal als Vinyl, erscheinen soll die Wiederveröffentlichung am 27.August bei Agonia Records.

Originally released in 2010 on CD only, the entire album contains of tracks from the 1999-2009 period of band's activity. All included songs have been re-recorded during one studio session, and some of them come with alternative lyrics.
The release will be available on a double vinyl in 2 versions: 1st limited to 77 copies on a double coloured vinyl (black and orange) with a woven logo patch (10cm x 5,8cm); 2nd limited to 250 copies on a double orange vinyl with a fat black splatter.

LP 1
1. Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover) / Subway Apathy
2. Solitude Ways
3. A Dish Best Served Cold
4. Disheartenment / Alone / Steal My Corpse
5. Daylight Obsession
6. Papercuts (Nirvana cover)

LP 2
1. Spectres Over Venice
2. Love's Burial Ground
3. Entombed by Winter / House of Nostalgia
4. Scars
5. Depression (Black Flag cover) / Feedback


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