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SARTEGOS: "AS FONTES DO NEGRUME" is now out through BLOODY PRODUCTIONS!!! - vom 03.08.2013, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 SARTEGOS new release, "AS FONTES DO NEGRUME", is now out through BLOODY PRODUCTIONS.
An MCD including 5 new tracks (+intro and outro). The incarnation of Death and Darkness through half an hour of Black/Death Metal.
Concerning the vinyl version, we sadly have to announce that it got cancelled by Chalice Of Blood Angel prods. (now Cryptic Visions arts) just a month ago. We agreed and had all 100% confirmed since September 2012, we worked hard on the layout, we exchanged a lot of emails talking about the release, we were waiting eagerly for this during all those months and suddenly he (the owner of the label) told us that he had decided not to release it. Not a single valid excuse he quoted. We didn't expect it at all.
We feel strongly disappointed and angry about such an unprofessional and disrespectful attitude.
Now, we are searching for a label to release this on vinyl format, so anyone interested just get in contact!

Bloody Productions contact:

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