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MAN MUST DIE neuer Song und Album Trackliste Online - vom 21.09.2013, 08:55

Kategorie: Musik

 MAN MUST DIE haben den neuen Song “On The Verge Of Collapse” vom neuen Album “Peace Was Never An Option” Online gestellt ! Hier geht's zum Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnhQFus1kLg&feature=youtu.be

Hiding In Plain Sight
The Hell I Fear
Absence Makes The Hate Grow Stronger
The Price You Pay
Antisocial Network
Abuser Friendly (feat. Max Cavalera)
On The Verge Of Collapse
The Day I Died

"Peace Was Never An Option" will be released on October 28th in Europe, November 1st in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.The album contains a guest appearance by Max Cavalera on the track "Abuser Friendly"!

Read what the band has to say about the new album:
"This album is by far the angriest yet most diverse one we have done yet, its the next level for Man Must Die, we couldn't be happier with how its turned out, its brutal beyond the word and yet more melodic and memorable than ever. With "Peace was Never An Option" we really focused on the song writing which is really important in MMD's sound, seems to be bypassed a lot in modern music. All the classic metal is all about the songs, this is what influences us, this is what we do."

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