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RESURGENCY neu bei FDA Rekotz - vom 01.07.2014, 07:18

Kategorie: Musik

 FDA Rekotz haben die Griechen RESURGENCY unter Vertrag genommen. Nach einem gelungenen Debut in 2012 soll jetzt das nächste Album über FDA Rekotz erscheinen. Erwarten darf man ein brutales Geschoss der Griechen, was für Furore sorgen könnte.

After an amazing debut album namend „False Enlightenment“ back in 2012, the greek death metal tank RESURGENCY signed a deal with FDA Rekotz for their upcoming full length album which will be another brutal first class highlight.

In August 2009...Resurgency,originating from Athens, was consisted by Tolis B .(Bass,also in Necrovorous),George K. (Guitar,also in Necrovorous) ,Mechblastess (Drums),John P. (Vocals) and George N. (Guitar) destined to play Death Metal under the same truth and reality,aspect . There have been some line up changes and Vagelis F. (Necrovorous,Embrace of Thorns) took the place on the drums,recording the first Resurgency demo ,entitled "Dark Revival" in July 2010.

Around the beginning of 2011,the band had a split CD release that concluded the "Dark Revival" demo/EP via Hellthrasher Productions ,spreading the word wide. In 2012 followed the release of the debult album "False Enlightenment" ,again via Hellthrasher Prod. ,that took great reviews worldwide and established the name much more then before in the death metal scene.Meanwhile there have been lots of major gigs played and the band continued its course and vision... The purpose of Resurgency, is to reach, the lost chaotic realms of darkness,and to express the perverted mirroring of the truth forced on mankind ,through a chaotic dimensional filter of an anti-universe, madness,and blackened mindedness.

RESURGENCY on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Resurgency/150010435055711?fref=ts
RESURGENCY on Bandcamp: http://www.resurgency.bandcamp.com

John P. - Vocals
Tolis B. - Bass
George K. - Guitars
Vaggelis F.- Drums

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