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TRASCËNDENTAL discography coming out on Xtreem Music - vom 14.08.2014, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 One of Spain's most underrated Death Metal bands from 90's are TRASCËNDENTAL, a band formed back in 1991 that released a first demo in '95 entitled "Uncertain Future" that would become their debut album "Behind..." one year later. Then in '98 a second and last album entitled "Dimensions" was released and the band disbanded right after that.

Both albums were released on a very limited self-financed way thus getting no promotion and distribution at all, resulting on this previously called "underrated" status, since basically nobody, specially outside of Spain, knew about the existence of this band, and only a small circle of Death Metal freaks knew about TRASCËNDENTAL.

Now, nearly 2 decades after the recording of their first album, the band sees their discography re-issued under the title of "Nothingness" with remastered sound and improved artwork featuring both original album covers, lyrics and tons of photos and flyers from back in the days. The style of TRASCËNDENTAL is a classic Death Metal near to bands like DEATH ("Leprosy" era), early PESTILENCE, early GORGUTS, POLLUTED INHERITANCE and the likes. A slightly technical stuff later developed by his mainman Armando García on his later band FROM NOWHERE.

Release date for "Nothingness" is set for September 1st and in the meantime, don't waste a second to check out one song from their debut album "Behind..." on the following links:

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