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DESERTED FEAR - Neues Album im Oktober - vom 21.08.2014, 15:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Das Thüringische Abräumkommando in Sachen Death Metal DESERTED FEAR wird sein neues Album "Kingdom of Worms" am 24.10.2014 endlich über FDA Rekotz veröffentlichen. Nach dem überaus gelungenen und gefeierten Debutalbum "My Empire" (2012) darf man einen weiteres durchschlagskräftiges Wuchtgeschoss des symphatischen Trios erwarten !

Thuringia´s DESERTED FEAR are one of the best and most talented death metal bands from Germany, crafting their vision passionately and merciless since 2008. Their debut album "My Empire" (2012) blew up a lot of dust, DESERTED FEAR are on their way to become one of the most important forces in the European metal scene. Germany´s ROCK HARD magazine praised the album as "...simply amazing how the whole albums offers it´s permanent hit potential. If it´s allowed to say so within the death metal world. Great start!”

DESERTED FEAR are now back with their new album "Kingdom of Worms", which was recorded in June and July 2014 once more at Eisensound Studio in Eisenberg (Thuringia / Germany) under the knife of guitarist Gitarrist Fabian Hildebrandt. Mixing and Mastering duties have been handled by legendary Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc.), who put the finishing touches on "Kingdom of Worms" in his very own Unisound Studio.

Dan Swanö comments: "Deserted Fear is definitely one of the best Death metal bands in the world today. The combination of excellent musicianship and classy, song writing with hooks to die for, just melts my brain!!"

"Kingdom of Worms" will hit the stores October 24th, 2014 via FDA Rekotz / Soulfood.

Check out a great and very entertaining video studio report to get a first impression of the album and you can also listen to parts of the new song "Mortal Reign". Stay bloody tuned! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCXfg-oej48&feature=youtu.be

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