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The first Dolorem Records' release is coming! ! - vom 28.08.2014, 06:02

Kategorie: Musik

 The Belgian band Torturerama chose Dolorem Records to re-release very soon in CD format his latest EP, "It Begins At Birth", currently only available on tape format.
Born from the ashes of bands such as Gorath, Solipsist, still Ex-Inferis, the band practices a tortured and uncompromising swedish death metal !
The EP is available in free listening on Bandcamp:

You can also find in free download and listening the first EP of Abyssal Ascendant (Cthulhu Death Metal), which is currently preparing his debut album, planned for 2015 on Dolorem Records. http://doloremrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unleashing-the-outer-plagues-ep

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