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Neuigkeiten von Affliction Gate ! - vom 10.09.2014, 07:10

Kategorie: Musik

 Die französichen old school Deather Affliction Gate haben ein paar News zur 10" Mini LP, Konzerten und dem kommenden Album "dying alone" veröffentlicht !

The vinyl version of "shattered ante mortem illusions" by AFFLICTION GATE (old school Death Metal - France) is now finally out through the French label GOSPEL OF DEATH Prod : http://www.gospelsofdeath.com

Available on 10"MLP format, it includes inner sleeve with all lyrics and additional artwork. Featuring guest appearance by Eric Daniels (GRAND SUPREME BLOODCOURT, SOULBURN, ex-ASPHYX) and Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, ex-EDGE OF SANITY...).

You can listen to the the song "aftermath curse" here : https://soundcloud.com/necrocosm/affliction-gate-aftermath-curse

By the way, AFFLICTION GATE will hit the road soon for some gigs in Spain, Belgium & France :
- 26-09 @ La Grange - Manlleu, Spain with CAUSTIC & ATONEMENT
- 27-09 @ Sala Excalibur - Madrid, Spain (Temple of Death Fest with UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, CADAVERIC FUMES...)
- 10-10 @ Gasolina - Waregem, Belgium with FUNERUS & PENTACLE
- 11-10 @ Grillen - Colmar, France with FUNERUS & PENTACLE
- 12-10 @ Le Klub - Paris, France with FUNERUS & PENTACLE
- 01-11 @ Salle des Pujols - Pamiers, France (Angry Fest Fest)

The band has also started the recording of their upcoming release "dying alone" which they hope to complete before the end of the year to be out on the first half of 2015 on a new label (still to be announced).

For more infos, visit : https://www.facebook.com/pages/AFFLICTION-GATE/186667891481139

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