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Execration's neues Album Morbid Dimensions kommt im Dezember ! - vom 16.09.2014, 07:02

Kategorie: Musik

 Execration's (Norwegen) drittes Album Morbid Dimensions wird am 9.Dezember über Hells Headbangers veröffentlicht, Duplicate Records wird den Vertrieb in Europa übernehmen!

Hells Headbangers sets December 9th as the North American release date for Execration's Morbid Dimensions (Duplicate Records will be handling the European release). One of death metal's best-kept secrets, Norway's Execration trike with their deadliest and most daring album yet, Morbid Dimensions. Ever aptly titled, Morbid Dimensions is a twisting and twisted slab of miasmic, morbid Metal of Death. The listener is kept on edge the entire time, in a state of perpetual tension, as the quartet deftly slide through sinewy, sometimes-slimy riff and rhythm structures, all executed with stunning tightness yet also a sense of hysteric dangerousness. In many ways, Execration's third album is an album of contrasts: death metal in its purest state, but with a view toward experimentation; doomy and atmospheric at will, but with a forward propulsion that's palpitating; a well-grounded set of old-school influences, particularly homeland heroes Cadaver, but without the slightest whiff of "retro" pandering. All told, Morbid Dimensions is the sound of a still young 'n' hungry band carving out their own niche, and with absolute cunning and confidence. A "best-kept secret" no longer - behold the rise of Execration!

Tracklisting for Execration (Norway)'s Morbid Dimensions
1. Cosmic Mausoleum
2. Ritual Hypnosis
3. Doppelgangers
4. Morbid Dimensions
5. Tribulation Shackles
6. Vestiges
7. Ancient Tongue
8. Miasmal Sabbath
9. Funeral Procession

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