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FROZEN DAWN "Banished, The Everlasting Confinement" Video online - vom 29.09.2014, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Die spanischen Death/Black Metaller FROZEN DAWN haben ein Video zu "Banished, The Everlasting Confinement" aus dem Album "Those of the Cursed Light" veröffentlicht.

The video can be watched here: http://youtu.be/Ac6Aj0GsxbM

"Those of the Cursed Light" is undoubtedly one of the best and most talked about Death/ Black Metal releases of the year!! Those who are still missing this great album, they simply live in another world ruled by big label's bullshit and big magazine's trend control based on commercial interests, but if you're really into bands like NECROPHOBIC, WATAIN, DISSECTION, NAGLFAR... and you still haven't even given a chance to this album, then you're definitely missing a true gem here!! Wake up and check out FROZEN DAWN!!

You can visit the FROZEN DAWN's website: www.frozendawn.com and you can listen to their album in full (and buy it digital if you want) right here:
...and if you still appreciate physical format on CD, you can buy it here:

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