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Review: Nocturnus - The Science Of Horror [EN] - vom 08.03.2015, 08:53

Kategorie: CD Review

CD Review zu old school Death Metal aus den USA

Für dieses Review haben wir unseren Freund Cristhyano, gebürtiger Brasilianer, von den Londoner old school Deathern DECREPID als Gastschreiber gewinnen können. Also lest hier wie das Album in England/Brasilien aufgenommen wird…

» Nocturnus is well known for its innovative sound and controversy that shaped the death metal scene in the late 80's early 90's in the USA and the world. Mike Browning, Nocturnus founder, whose also were in bands such as Morbid Angel in the 80's and Acheron in the 90s, managed to get kicked out his own band, history apart, one can say death metal would not be the same without Mike's projects and rewarding work.
Nuclear War Now Productions managed to gather the original reels from Nocturnus first two demos, respectively entitled, Noctunus(1987) and The Science of Horror(1988) and wisely decided to released it all together in one LP format.
It is a great chance for those who hasn't listened to Nocturnus in its early days, sounding raw, heavy and dirt, but already experimenting with keyboards, which would be a key feature in future releases and cause, in my opinion...«

nocturnus - the science of horror
Nocturnus - The Science Of Horror // 7,5 von 10 Punkten // Old school Death Metal

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