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Erster neuer Skeletal Remains Song im neuen Legacy Heft - vom 05.05.2015, 07:08

Kategorie: Musik

 Die Leser des neuen Legacy dürfen sich freuen, denn auf der CD im Heft findet sich u.a. auch ein neuer Song von Skeletal Remains !

The new LEGACY issue hits the stores including a CD featuring the brand new SKELETAL REMAINS song "Viral Hemorrhagic Pyrexia" (among others) exclusively!

SKELETAL REMAINS were formed in California from the ashes of ANTHROPOPHAGY and released their debut album "Beyond The Flesh" in November 2011 via FDA Rekotz, followed by two successful European tours to promote the album properly.

SKELETAL REMAINS play insanely good and merciless old school death metal on a tremendous high level, living and breathing the art of death metal with passion and devotion. Fans of Pestilence, Asphyx, Death, Morgoth, Gorguts etc. will definetely appreciate SKELETAL REMAINS!

The band recently finished their new album called "Condemned To Misery"!
Guitarist and vocalist Chris Monroy is also part of the thrash metal outfit Fueled By Fire.

Stay tuned for more news on release date, album title, etc!

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