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THE MOTH GATHERER präsentieren einen neuen Song vom kommenden Album "The Earth Is The Sky" - vom 04.10.2015, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 THE MOTH GATHERER werden ihr zweites Album "The Earth Is The Sky" am 27.November 2015 via Agonia Records veröffentlichen. Vorab gibts schonmal "Pale Explosions" zu hören, dieser Track enhält Gastgesang von Thomas Jäger (Monolord).

Die Band dazu: "The Earth Is The Sky is an album where we tried to take everything as far as we could. There where points during the recording where we honestly spoke about giving up and calling it a day, it felt like we would crumble under the album. But we suffered through. The result is a desperation about how humanity drags it all to the end. Where A Bright Celestial Light was an introvert journey into decay, The Earth Is The Sky is a journey to the highest point on Earth where you sit down and contemplate about our existence while watching the flames from the burning world".

"The Earth Is The Sky" hat auch ein paar Gäste: David Johansson von Kongh, Wacian von Code, The Cuukoo von Terra Tenebrosa und Thomas Jäger von Monolord.

1. Pale Explosions
2. Attacus Atlas
3. Probing The Descent of Man
4. Dyatlov Pass
5. The Black Antlers
6. In Awe Before The Rapture

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