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Hatesphere's neues Album "New Hell" erscheint am 20.November - vom 11.10.2015, 07:05

Kategorie: Musik

 Hatesphere bringen ihr neues Album "New Hell" am 20.November über Massacre Records heraus. Einen kurzen Tearser zum neuen Album könnt ihr euch HIER anschauen.

Esse says "'New Hell' is the logical next step for HateSphere. As on the eight previous releases you'll hear the development of the sound, the songwriting and the compositions in the detail. Although, due to the clear focus on guitar sound variations, recognizable riffing and sing-along choruses, the loyal listener might find 'New Hell' more varied than some of its predecessors. That being said, we've done what we do best."

Furthermore, on the limited edition digipak you'll find a rare live recording but most importantly, a dynamic mix of the title track. Because that is how music is supposed to sound before the loudness war killed good sound. So put it on and turn it up!

Tracklist is:

1. The Executioner
2. Lines Crossed Lives Lost
3. Head on a Spike
4. The Longest Haul
5. Your Sad Existence
6. On the Shores of Hell
7. New Hell
8. Master of Betrayal
9. Human Cesspool
10. The Grey Mass

Bonus tracks for the digipack version

11.Resurrect With A Vengeance (live)
12.New Hell (Dynamic Mix)

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