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Among The Prey, feiner finnischer melodischer Death Metal - vom 29.02.2016, 06:54

Kategorie: Musik

 Among The Prey haben ihr Debutalbum Only For The Blinded Eyes gerade veröffentlicht, wer auf feinen melodischen Death Metal steht, sollte die Finnen mal antesten.

The band consists of skilled musicians previously known from groups such as Thunderstone, Agonizer and Before The Dawn. Among The Prey´s founder and frontman Iiro Kuntsi leads his troops with high intensity screams and memorable guitar melodies to an unforgettable blend of traditional and modern melodic death metal.

"The whole point of the album was to make music as it always should be done. If the artist has something to say, he puts himself truly in the line of fire and pours it all out. So that every played note and every vocal line would transfer those raw emotions to the listener. I hope we succeeded in that, so it can be heard why this album just had to be done", the band´s frontman Iiro Kuntsi says.

1. Smile
2. Beyond Repair
3. Only For The Blinded Eyes
4. Burning Down In Hell
5. Pieces
6. Wake Up
7. In Your Face
8. Two Worlds Colliding
9. Dancing On Our Graves

Iiro Kuntsi - vocals and guitar
Atte Palokangas - drums
Joni Laine - guitar
Toni Keskinen - bass

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