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BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS lösen sich auf - vom 22.07.2016, 06:51

Kategorie: Musik

black%20shape%20od%20nexusDoom Sludge Drone Noise Combo BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS aus Mannheim hat ihre Auflösung verkündet.
Die Begründung könnt ihr im Statement der Band unten lesen.
» We had plans. But reality does not care about plans. It may sound cheesy but the saying is true. You can't ride a dead horse.

Any famous last words? Ok. We always wanted to take ourselves not too serious. We never wanted to be more evil or heavy than we were. We just wanted to be the persons that we still are. Beside the will to express ourselves in the way we did the second important thing was ATTITUDE. It is good to believe that we're going with the certainty that we've always done the right things.

We feel endless love for all the ones who walked a part of the road with us. The list would be incredibly long. THANK YOU! THANK YOU ALL!«

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