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HOODED MENACE haben einen neuen Sänger - vom 27.07.2016, 13:26

Kategorie: Musik

 HOODED MENACE haben einen neuen Sänger. Lest hier das Statement:


We´re happy to announce that Harri Kuokkanen of HORSE LATITUDES -fame is the new vocalist of HOODED MENACE! As many of you know, so far the band´s lead guitarist Lasse has been doing the studio vocals and the bassist Markus has handled the live vocals. From now on, things won´t be quite as confusing as Harri will be doing all vocals - live AND studio. Lasse hasn´t shied away from telling how uncomfortable he is with singing in Hooded Menace, so in that sense this isn´t that shocking news. Markus has decided to step out from the actual recording band, but remains as a bass player for live shows. He´s glad to dedicate more time to his main band SADISTIK FOREST, who are currently recording a new album and about tour 2017. You can hear Harri´s vocals on our split EP with Canadian sludge doomsters ALGOMA, out sometime 2016 on DOOMENTIA RECORDS.

News regarding our next album and upcoming tour will follow shortly.

Photo by Jouni Turunen


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