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DODECAHEDRON streamen neuen Song - vom 27.01.2017, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 DODECAHEDRON streamen mit "Tetrahedron - The Culling of the Unwanted from the Earth" einen weiteren Song aus ihrem kommenden Album 'kwintessens' das am 17.03.2017 erscheint.

Hört euch "Tetrahedron - The Culling of the Unwanted from the Earth" via Rock Hard an:

DODECAHEDRON kommentieren den neuen Track: "We are pleased to present the second track of our sophomore album 'kwintessens', called 'Tetrahedron - The Culling of the Unwanted from the Earth'. This is the first of the five key compositions on the album, each of which is related to a geometrical shape called Platonic solid. These shapes have served as compositional tools, while the story throughout the album deals with the process of growth, enlightenment, and megalomania, eventually leading to an obliterating tragedy. Get ready to be plunged into the abyss."

TETRAHEDRON - The Culling of the Unwanted from the Earth
HEXAHEDRON - Tilling the Human Soil
OCTAHEDRON - Harbinger
DODECAHEDRON - An Ill-Defined Air of Otherness
ICOSAHEDRON - The Death of Your Body


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