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Prophecy Fest 2017: Line Up steht fest - vom 12.04.2017, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Das Prophecy Fest 2017 wird am 28. & 29. Juli in der Balver Höhle stattfinden. Das fertige Line Up wurde jetzt bekanntgegeben:



-Hypnopazūzu - David Tibet (Current 93) & Youth (Killing Joke) - first concert in Germany.

-The Vision Bleak - special performance with a classical ensemble of strings, percussion and vocals.

-Dornenreich - exclusive acoustic history set.

-Dool - exclusive set with additional musicians and singers.

-Hexvessel - extended performance with implemented acoustic set.

-Spiritual Front - special "Armageddon Gigolo" set for Prophecy Fest 2017!

-Sun Of The Sleepless - Schwadorf's (Empyrium/The Vision Bleak) first concert since 1999, second ever.

-The Moon And The Nightspirit - special show with enhanced line-up.

-Lotus Thief - European premiere.

-Soror Dolorosa - performing "Severance" in its entirety for the first time & presenting their the new album "Apollo".

-GlerAkur - the band surprised us and blew us away with their performance at Prophecy Fest 2016. It was an easy decision for us to invite them again.

-NOÊTA - their first concert outside Scandinavia at this year's Prophecy Fest!

-Nhor world premiere performance at this year's Prophecy Fest!

-Irrwisch - art director and exhibition.

Tickets: http://live.weltnetz.lu/en/titel/prophecy-fest-28-07-29-07-2017-balve/

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