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SHINING: Benny Bats ersetzt Peter Huss auf der aktuellen Tour - vom 07.05.2017, 13:21

Kategorie: Musik

 Shining haben bekanntgegeben das Benny Bats auf der aktuellen Tour Peter Huss ersetzt. Laut Facebookpost hatte selbiger in letzter Minute aus persönlichen Gründen nicht teilnehmen können.

"As some of you will have noticed, Peter Huss is not in his usual spot with Shining on the current tour. Unfortunately, at the very last minute, some personal matters came up unexpectedly and he had to pull out. Fortunately for us, Benny Bats, our long-standing collaborator, who has appeared on stage with Shining before, was able to step in and save the day.

Peter was very much looking forward to seeing old friends and fans, and meeting new ones, during the tour, and he would like to send everyone this message: "It really sucks that I can't do this tour. Sometimes timing is just bad. Don't worry, don't speculate. I'll be on stage again soon playing my guitar for you"

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