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FORGOTTEN TOMB geben Details zum neuen Album "We Owe You Nothing" bekannt und zeigen ersten Song - vom 14.09.2017, 06:59

Kategorie: Musik

 "We Owe You Nothing" heisst das neunte Studioalbum der italienischen Black/Doom Kapelle FORGOTTEN TOMB und erscheint am 27.Oktober 2017 bei Agonia Records. Den Albumtitelsong und damit gleichzeitig die erste Single gibt es jetzt schon zum antesten: https://youtu.be/8mwk_ZY6zKo

FORGOTTEN TOMB kommentieren: "Our discography has always been divided by trilogies. 'We Owe You Nothing' closes the third trilogy which started with '...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil' followed by 'Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love' and it's the heaviest among the 3 albums, with an emphasis on slower/mid tempos and a sludgier approach while retaining also our trademark melodies and dissonant arpeggios, plus some twists which open new doors to the next era of the band. Due to circumstances surrounding it, it's been an extremely painful album to make and therefore it's one of our darkest, while being also filled with raw energy".

1. We Owe You Nothing
2. Second Chances
3. Saboteur
4. Abandon Everything
5. Longing For Decay
6. Black Overture

Ferdinando "HM" M. - all vocals / all guitars
Alessandro "Algol" C. - bass
Kyo-Naam "Asher" R. - drums

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